Katie Keeley

Welcome to my website, my name is Katie Keeley and I’m a third generation psychic medium, which goes back through my mothers side of the family and can be traced back to 1832.

I have had this gift from being a small child but didn’t know any different and thought it was quite normal to see Spirit as all my family had the gift.  Even my 3 children all have the gift but choose not to use it professionally at the moment, as they are still quite young.  They do however use their intuition in their daily lives which has helped them in various situations.

As a psychic reader I use many tools in my work, including pendulum, tarot cards, angel cards, numerology, colour therapy, graphology, astrology and messages from Spirit.  I also enjoying doing dream analysis and find this subject facinating.

I read for clients all over the world, either face-to-face, on the phone or via Skype.  No matter what walk of life the person treads, each client is different and is dealt with in a friendly and confidential manner, many come back time and time again for more readings and updates.