Red Knicker Campaign

I regularly appear on Psychic Interactive Sky Channel 886 and my RED KNICKER advice for attracting new love, reigniting relationships and empowering the wearer has really taken off and had fantastic results.

I’ve started this group to collect all the success stories, help relationships and spread the RED KNICKER phenomenon!

Here is the background:

Over the years when I have been doing Relationship Readings I have found that if the person iI am speaking to was in a abusive relationship or had been badly hurt I was guided to clear their chakras and what was showing up was their Base Chakra which is the passion and drive area together with the Solar Plexus Chakra were usually blocked, sometimes with the Throat Chakra blocked as well. I started to experiment by wearing Red Knickers and telling myself that I was beautiful and sexy whilst walking to work from the underground to the studios and found that three men seperately said good morning to me whereas usually nobody even noticed me. I also found that I walked differently. I began to sway like I was walking on a catwalk.

Then i decided to wear pink knickers and again told myself I was pretty and sensuous, and I started to walk differently to the way I had walked like before and again men talked to me. The last day I wore no knickers and told myself that I was naughty and walked differently again. After doing this on different occasions I came to the conclusion that if you wear red knickers it really does make a difference so started to tell people about it that came through to me with relationship problems.

Soon people were sending feedback in to the show via the phone, texting in, and sending messages to my website and on facebook stating that it really does work. One lady who was trying to get her ex back said that he turned up with a brand new bright red Audi A3 for her. Another lady said that she had gone out with her ex to talk, ended up getting drunk and he ended up wearing her knickers!! There now seems to be a shortage of red knickers across the country as women are going out and buying them 6 at a time. One lady is so desperate that when she found she couldnt buy knickers she ended up buying bikini bottoms! A man actually cut up his designer tee shirt so that he could put a piece of red material down his underpants !! So get out there and buy your red knickers and give me some feedback .

The RED KNICKER STORY is not all about passion its about EMPOWERMENT as well

A lady wrote to me and said that she need the Council to help her with her garden but they wouldnt do anything for her and they were in the area working on other peoples gardens but not hers. So she immediately thought of the RED KNICKERS and went upstairs to put them on . She then went back outside and made her point again to these gardeners and not only did they do her garden they actually left her stuff to keep .

A lady contacted me and has told me that the RED KNICKERS STORY has made her feel more confident and doesnt get tongue tied anymore and has made her think outside the box in all situations that surround her.