More About Katie Keeley

Katies reputation as a Psychic Clairvoyant goes before her and has never felt the need to advertise her gift, but prefers to progress by word of mouth, and has grown to an International level, of which she is extremely proud of.

Katies history of her gift goes back to when she was about 6yrs old when spirit used to visit her at night time and sit on her bed. Her Mother and Grandmother were both Healers and Mediums and katie can trace her gift back to the early l800s. Her gift as she likes to call it has been passed down to her three children.

She has a very down to earth loving and caring nature, and nothing is too much trouble to her. You will often find that her home is full of happy people and animals and as long as everybody is happy then katie is happy. When you have a reading with Katie she will make you feel at ease and by the end of the reading you will have a clearer knowledge of where you are going on your path of life and will feel as though you are part of her growing family.

When you contact Katie for a reading she will ask you your name and date of birth and will then use her psychic tools, which could be her Cards, her Angel Cards, Love Cards, her knowledge of Numerology, Colourtherapy, Dream Analysis, Crystaltherapy,and her Love Oracles and Pendulum.Katie is also a Teacher of Spiritual Development, so if you have any queries regarding your development or want to find out if you have any psychic abilities then she will help to guide you. She specialises in Love Readings and Relationship Readings but as she has had a colourful and full life im sure there isnt anything she cant help guide you with.Detective work is a love of hers as she likes to get to the bottom of things so if you want to know if somebody is cheating on you or just want to know what your partner is thinking about you at this moment in time she has two packs of identical cards which she uses to look at you and then to look at your partner without them knowing.

In her busy life of teaching Aqua Aerobics, having three teenagers, and two large dogs to look after she still finds time to write a column called “Ask Katie” in Spiritualist International News which goes all over the world , and has just finished her Autobiography, and Personal Development Book , which is due to be released shortly.

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